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JN-139-ED Automatic Spreading Machine

The best spreading machine for knit and woven


1. PLC Touch Panel, user-friendly operation system.

2. Servo motor control, accurate and trusty.

3. Two way of spreading, one way and face to face.

4. You can set the startion, travel length and the number of spreading freely.

5. Automatic non-tension spreading.

6. Machine returns to original position once fabric runs empty.

7. Machine can be stopped every where upon emergency. The spread laid fabric is not pulled.

8. Best for knit fabric, woven, jean, etc.

Main functions:

★ Fabric expanding device: It can be adjusted according to the different width and tension of fabrics, making fabrics free from tension.

★ Cutting device: The auto-cutter can be easily dismounted and mounted. Travel length and speed of cutter are adjustable.

★ Catcher: Can work for both one way and face to face.

★ Automatic fabric relaxing control: To relax the fabric in advance and release the tension during spreading the fabric.

★ Edge control device: Automatic edge control during spreading fabric.

★ Fabric loading sensor: Machine returns to original position once fabric runs empty.

★ Automatic lifting device: It is automatic lifting according to the layer of cloth during spreading the fabric. The lifting gauge can be adjusted.

★ Emergency stop device: The brake lines are under two sides of table, it can be efficiently pulled upon emergency.

Model JN-139-ED JN-139-EDH
Power Supply AC 1P/220V
Motor 1.5KW
Maximum Cloth Width 72" 183cm, 84" 213cm, 94" 238cm, 120" 305cm
Weight of cloth roll 60kg max
Diameter of cloth roll 450mm max
Travel Speed 80m/min max
Travel Speed 60m/min max
Lay Height One way 22cm 30cm
Face to Face 15cm 23cm
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